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RFU Profiles Archive

Physical Therapist Dr. James Lee Helps Rock Climbers Get to the Top
With his strong background in treating orthopedic conditions and seeing musculoskeletal issues, Dr. James Inkyu Lee is helping to educate and treat people who share his passion for climbing.
Podiatric Physician Dr. Daniel T. Hall IV on Learning to Run a Practice in the 21st Century
Dr. Daniel T. Hall IV has maximized his profession in podiatry, quickly rising to leadership in hospital committees and surgery, and is now teaching the next generation of podiatrists how to thrive in their profession.
Dr. Eris Tollkuci on Shaping the Next Generation of Pharmacists
Dr. Eris Tollkuci mentors Angelina Raimonde, COP ’20, and illuminates the importance of mentor/mentee relationships in enhancing their wellbeing, strengthening healthcare professions, and improving care.
PA Micah Foster Pushes for Health Equity
Micah Foster is striving to improve health outcomes and diversify health care as executive director of the Grand Rapid African American Health Institute.
Dr. Jerry Leikin Takes on Vaping
Medical Toxicologist Jerrold Leikin urges putting more focus on prevention and treatment to combat the opioid epidemic.
PT Jim Buskirk Works to Heal Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
RFU physical therapy alumnus Jim Buskirk is determined to assess and treat concussions, and has developed treatments to show the differences in mechanisms and injuries.
Dr. Paige Waterman Battles Antimicrobial Resistance
Army Colonel Paige E. Waterman is leading efforts to curb rising drug-resistant bacteria which has limited treatment options for 2 million Americans per year, according to the CDC.
Dr. Lowell S. Weil Jr. Named Recipient of Scholl College Honor Medallion and Alumnus of the Year Awards
Dr. Lowell S. Weil Jr., a leader in podiatric medicine, is also a true reflection of the excellence of Scholl College with a passion that has earned him the Honor Medallion and Alumnus of the Year awards.
Honoring John J. Sheinin, MD, PhD, DSc
Dr. John Sheinin has contributed to Rosalind Franklin University’s numerous advances, and inspired the model of interprofessional education and collaborative practice.
Dr. Amanda Graham Takes on the E-Cigarette Epidemic
Dr. Amanda L. Graham is taking on the e-cigarette epidemic as senior vice president of the Innovations Center at Truth Initiative in Washington, DC—the largest nonprofit health organization in the United States dedicated to tobacco control.
Learning to Heal the Diabetic Foot
Dr. Stephanie Wu, professor in the Department of Podiatric Surgery and Applied Biomechanics, teaches students how to take into account the patient perspective when learning about diabetic wounds.
Dr. David Feinberg and Dr. Andrea Feinberg Tackle Food Insecurity in Rural Pennsylvania
Chicago Medical School Alumni Dr. David Feinberg and Dr. Andrea Feinberg are improving health outcomes for people with diabetes by instituting the Fresh Food Farmacy in hopes to tackle widespread food insecurity.
Balancing Dual Roles
Dr. Sidharth Mahapatra applies academic discovery processes to clinical problems with compassionate creativity, all under the mentorship of the late Dr. Kenneth Neet.
Dr. Kwan Kew Lai Authors Book About the Deadly Ebola Outbreak in West Africa
Dr. Kwan Kew Lai serves people in developing countries through medical missions, and expands on her experience of service and solidarity during the most widespread Ebola outbreak in history.
Putting Tech in the Right Hands
Jennifer So, a student at Dr. William M. Scholl, is looking to more effectively share and secure patient data and records through blockchain technology.
Building Interprofessional Clinicians to Serve Our Community
The Interprofessional Community Clinic is creating change by using a holistic approach to train future health professionals and provide healthcare to the underserved.
Pathfinder - Dr. Lisa Monteggia
RFU alumna Dr. Lisa Monteggia, director of the Vanderbilt Brain Institute, is discovering more effective therapeutics to develop safer, fast-acting antidepressants.
Learning Together to Treat Patients with Complex Needs
An Interprofessional team of RFU students implement IP strategies and hypothetical treatment plans to improve and support the health of their patients in a safe and controlled environment.
Teams Save Lives: Team Mentality
Dr. David Kulber, one of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons, performs nerve-racking operations with the help, collaboration and expertise of his surgical team.
Dedicated to Rural Health
Dr. James Fullwood, a 2010 graduate of Dr. William M. School College of Podiatric Medicine, practices community-based health care in a rural area and advocates for rural practice through the use of interprofessionalism.
Traumatic Brain Injury Project Receives 3 Year, $2 Million Grant from DoD
Raúl Gazmuri received this grant for his research project titled “Sustained V1A Receptor Activation for Prolonged Hemodynamic Support and Neurological Protection After Non-Compressible Hemorrhage and Traumatic Brain Injury.”
Be That Kind of Doctor
Dr. Amol Saxena, a 1988 graduate of Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, empathizes with athletes and in some cases saves their careers through his surgical expertise.
Podiatric Physicians are Innovators
Dr. Lowell Weil, Jr., a 1994 graduate of Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, is the CEO of the Weil Foot and Ankle Institute and encourages challenging the accepted norms to create innovation.
A Medical Profession She Loves and Work/Life Balance
Podiatric medicine offers Dr. Laura Shin the professional flexibility to build a strong family life while she continues to care for patients and improve patient care.