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The College of Health Professions combines a range of specialized disciplines around a single standard: delivering a robust interprofessional education that prepares students for the healthcare industry of tomorrow.

Our programs get results: For example, the Psychology PhD program achieved a 100% internship match rate for each of the past four years, far above the national average. And 74% of graduates from our Biomedical Sciences MS program were accepted to medical schools or other health professions programs in 2021. Our programs also get noticed: Our Physician Assistant MS program is ranked 15th nationally by U.S. News and World Report.

A Wealth of Academic Opportunities

RFU has an ambitious mission: to serve humanity through the interprofessional education of health and biomedical professionals, and the discovery of knowledge dedicated to improving wellness. The College of Health Professions is working toward that mission with innovative, hands-on degree and certificate programs in areas ranging from physical therapy to health administration.

RFU also believes strongly in achieving more equitable health outcomes and improving healthcare delivery for all. The College of Health Professions pursues those goals in a variety of ways, from maintaining population health and lifestyle medicine programs that tackle systemic issues directly to proactively working to increase the number of applications from traditionally underrepresented groups.

Flexible Learning Experiences

Are you a post-doc student who wants to experience an active campus life? Or a busy professional who’s exploring distance-learning options? Whether you’re interested in full- or part-time enrollment, classroom or remote learning, the College of Health Professions can accommodate you.

Some of our programs, such as the Clinical and Lifestyle Nutrition MS and Health Professions Education MS, also offer flexible programming that allows students to set their own pace and graduate anywhere between two and five years. We recognize that everyone’s personal and professional circumstances can vary greatly, and we work with each of our students so they can pursue their educational goals without putting the rest of their lives on hold.

Interprofessional Education

At RFU, we know interprofessionalism plays an important role in healthcare management and delivery. As a College of Health Professions student, you will discover a culture that emphasizes interprofessionalism and teamwork —and you’ll find that carries over into the classroom as you regularly learn and interact with students from our five other colleges.

More than that, you’ll find doctorate-level degree programs in Interprofessional Healthcare Studies —a rare opportunity for learners interested in this growing field. These programs emphasize the integration of interprofessional theory into health professions education, as well as development of evidence-based skills and methods to improve healthcare practices.