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This Master of Science in Population Health degree program is designed to prepare students for jobs in the public health and population health industry, the public health field, and in organizations that want to improve the health and well-being of their employees. These individuals could also serve in organizations that provide research and services in the fields of, healthcare analytics and health policy. The degree is also an option for students who want to prepare for continued graduate study in a variety of healthcare professions including healthcare administration and management, medicine, physical therapy, and physician assistant studies. The program is based on five areas of focus. Students will demonstrate competency in the following five areas:

  1. Community Health Assessment, Management and Intervention Design
  2. Healthcare Systems and Coordination of Care
  3. Health Economics, Policy and Advocacy
  4. Analytics, Informatics and Epidemiology
  5. Quality and Safety in Healthcare Settings

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Population Health degree program, students should be prepared to be leaders in their field. 

Students will be able to:

  • Apply assessment processes to improve the health of populations
  • Educate individuals, families, practitioners and relevant stakeholders on community health issues
  • Formulate solutions to address deficiencies in health outcomes in any given population
  • Engage in the process of inquiry and communication of health status and outcomes for populations
  • Develop a depth of knowledge, skill, and investigative attitude toward research and leadership expertise in multiple health-related areas