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Year 1 (46 QH)

  • HPOX 508 (HHCM 515) Healthcare Law (3 QH)
  • HPOX 509 (HHCM 516) Risk and Quality Management in Health Care (3 QH)
  • HPOX 510 (HHCM 517) Management Ethics (3 QH)
  • HPOX 513 (HHCM 520) Cultural Diversity and Management in Health Care (3 QH)
  • HPOX 515 (HHCM 522) Healthcare Policy and Delivery Systems (4 QH)
  • HPOX 625 (HHCM 630) Public Health Epidemiology (4 QH)
  • HPOX 530 (HIPS 561) Statistics for Healthcare Professionals (4 QH)
  • HPOP 530 Research Methodology I (4 QH)
  • HPOP 535 Health Economics (3 QH)
  • HPOP 540 Essentials of Population Health (3 QH)
  • HPOP 541 Community Health Assessment and Intervention (3 QH)
  • HPOP 590 Population Health Field Research Capstone Course (3 QH)
  • Electives (6 QH)

Transfer Credits and Advanced Standing

A maximum of eight quarter hours of graduate credit may be accepted from other accredited institutions into the Master of Science program. However, students who have completed two existing certificates in Population Health, Population Health Strategies and Population Health Analytics at RFU may transfer (or stack) all certificate credits toward their Master of Science in Population Health. No credit will be given for prior learning experiences or proficiency examinations.

Assessment for Student Learning

Grading System

A 4.00 High Achievement
B 3.00 Above Average Achievement
C 2.00 Average Achievement
F 0.00 Failure

Grades without Associated Grade Points:
P Pass
F Fail

Assessment Methods

Assessment of student learning occurs through course exams, discussion board postings and research projects specific to each course.

Graduation Requirements

Students must meet the following graduation requirements:

  • Successful completion of a minimum of 46 quarter hours
    • 37 quarter hours of core courses
    • 6 quarter hours of elective courses
    • 3 quarter hours for the final portfolio course
  • A minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in all courses in the program curriculum
  • Successful completion of all course requirements within five years from the date of matriculation