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HHCM 540 Essentials of Population Health (3 QH)

HHCM 515 Healthcare Law (3 QH)



HHCM 517 Management Ethics (3 QH)

HHCM 541 Community Health Assessment and Intervention (3 QH)

HHCM 522 Healthcare Policy and Delivery Systems (4 QH)

HHCM 509 Statistics for Healthcare Professionals (4 QH)


HHCM 520 Cultural Diversity (3 QH)

HPOP 535 Health Economics (3 QH)

HPOP 530 Research Methodology I (3 QH)

HHCM 630 Epidemiology (4 QH)

HHCM 516 Risk and Quality Healthcare (3 QH)


HHCM 507 Healthcare Informatics (3 QH)

HHCM 590 Population Health Field Research Capstone Course (3 QH)

Elective / HHCM 542 Health Program Planning and Evaluation (3 QH)

Note: This represents all courses in our Population Health Master's program. Students who complete a certificate prior to enrolling in the MS program will not need to repeat those courses.