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Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based intervention that prioritizes healthy behaviors to prevent, treat and reverse chronic illness and population health epidemics.

This relatively new healthcare specialty uses evidence-based therapeutic interventions by trained care providers to prevent and mitigate health problems in patients over the long term.

The use of these interventions as a primary mode of treatment is consistent with the current practice of preventing premature deaths due to non-communicable diseases, which can often be addressed and treated by a range of lifestyle modifications. These include specific recommendations related to nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress resiliency, addiction and social connectedness.

The online Master of Science in Lifestyle Medicine degree prioritizes healthy outcomes for both individual patients and communities. The program is designed for healthcare practitioners to gain expertise in lifestyle medicine and implement it as the first treatment option for many of their patients, which will prevent, treat and reverse chronic, preventable diseases, as well as improve longevity and quality of life.

This entirely online program offers healthcare professionals the flexibility to pursue the degree on their own schedule.

Key Points of our Lifestyle Medicine Program:

  • Graduates will be prepared to prioritize Lifestyle Medicine as the first treatment option for their patients, which will prevent, treat and reverse chronic preventable diseases.
  • Degree completed completely online.
  • Self-care of the healthcare practitioner is continually emphasized. 
  • Students individualize their program of study and complete a practicum project on lifestyle medicine topics of personal and professional interest.