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Strategic Plan

Focusing on Our Future

The College of Pharmacy plans for the future by focusing on our priorities. These are our priorities for the time period of 2018-2023.

Educational Outcomes

  • Enhance student learning through curricular design
  • Prepare students to graduate with the knowledge and skills required to be "Practice Ready"
  • Students are prepared upon graduation to practice interprofessionally
  • Establish a baccalaureate completion pathway
  • Develop dual degree programs for PharmD students
  • The College establishes a graduate program
  • Improved student cultural awareness of individuals unlike themselves

Research and Scholarship

  • The college contributes to the development/dissemination of new knowledge and/or applications of knowledge.

Admissions, Recruitment, and Community Engagement

  • Matriculated students are of the highest quality available from the applicant pool
  • The College of Pharmacy has a diverse student body
  • Alumni are engaged with the college of pharmacy
  • Increase philanthropic contributions to the COP
  • Increase communication with local, regional, and national communities


  • Programmatic assessments are regularly executed to guide COP changes/initiatives

Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty and staff contribute to University planning and operations
  • Faculty are engaged in faculty development
  • Faculty have adequate time for teaching, research/scholarship, and service while maintaining adequate work-life balance
  • Increase faculty diversity in the COP

Professional Advocacy

  • The College supports and expands post-graduate training programs
  • Successful job placement for graduates
  • Advocate for the profession of pharmacy

Health and Wellness

  • The College promotes the health and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff