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Preceptor and Clinical Faculty

The College of Pharmacy partners with experiential sites and preceptors committed to the education of pharmacy students. From the beginning, students at RFUMS College of Pharmacy will practice interprofessional health care by learning from, with, and about other healthcare professional students. RFUMS College of Pharmacy will achieve its Mission only through the efforts of dedicated preceptors who embrace interprofessionalism and are willing to share experience, knowledge, and time.

In accordance with the ACPE Guidance for Standards 2016 document, RFUMS seeks preceptors who "demonstrate a desire and aptitude for teaching that includes the important roles necessary for teaching clinical problem solving including instructing, modeling, coaching/mentoring, and facilitating." (Standards 20.1, 20.3)

RFUMS College of Pharmacy recognizes that individual pharmacists may have diverse interests in involvement and therefore offers two levels of faculty appointments: Preceptors and Clinical Faculty.

Becoming a Preceptor at RFUMS College of Pharmacy

RFUMS College of Pharmacy recognizes the significant contribution of Preceptors. In return, Preceptors at RFUMS College of Pharmacy, will receive numerous opportunities for professional and academic development including:

  • Access to Faculty Development
    • RFUMS College of Pharmacy sponsored continuing education opportunities (live and home-based)
    • University faculty development seminars/webinars
    • University Educational Research and Scholarship Interest Group Workshops
    • Introductory and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiential teaching tools
  • Academic appointment with RFUMS College of Pharmacy with the title "Lecturer*".
    • * Please note, the Preceptor "Lecturer" appointment/title does not require Preceptors to deliver classroom lectures to pharmacy students.
    • Preceptors interested in more active involvement with RFUMS College of Pharmacy including classroom learning may apply as Clinical Faculty.
  • Access to RFUMS University library (electronic journal and book access included)
  • RFUMS email account

To become a preceptor at RFUMS, applicants must:

  • Complete a Preceptor Application Form
  • Provide the following:
    • Professional credentials including PharmD or BS in Pharmacy (with minimum of 1 year of experience) or equivalent credentials (e.g. MD, RN, APN, PhD, PA, JD etc.)
    • Pharmacist license in good standing (or license in good standing as applies to specified profession)
  • An active affiliation agreement is required between the site of practice and RFUMS College of Pharmacy.

For additional questions about becoming a Preceptor at RFUMS College of Pharmacy, please contact

Preceptor Resource