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Motion Analysis

Motion capture is mainly based on standard systems using optic, magnetic or sonic technologies. Standard human motion analysis based on camera, magnetic and ultrasound systems allows a complete 3D kinematics analysis but requires a dedicated laboratory. These systems have in recent years become an increasingly helpful tool in the area of human movement science, typically providing valuable information for kinematic body modeling and assessing subject's gait features such as joints kinematics and kinetics.

Our resources for human motion analysis include:


Vicon 3-D Motion Analysis System (4 16MP cameras + 4 4MP cameras, with ready access for additional 8 1MP cameras) for quantitative analysis of human motion. 3-D models are generated to calculate joint range of motion as well at the translation of a subject through the cameras’ capture field. This data may be used in collaboration with force plate data to calculate variables such as joint moments, power, and work. 
Gait Rite
GaitRite Analysis

GAITRite Walkway CIR Systems Inc. 24 foot walkway. Provides information about the temporal aspect of gait such as swing phase time for each limb as well as spatial information such as step length.
LEGSys™ is a portable system with body-worn sensors for easy and fast quantitative gait analysis. It’s wireless wearable sensors provide convenience for collecting gait data in virtually any place. Our lab has conducted multiple research projects at clinics, outpatient rehab centers, physician offices, etc. In addition to gait analysis, LEGSys™ can be configured for balance assessment.