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Dynamically measuring foot loading during gait provides insight into the functional status of the lower extremity. Objective assessments of ground reactive forces may be used to both diagnose functional impairments as well as evaluate therapeutic interventions. Our group has over a decade of experience in researching and assessing these parameters, with a particular emphasis on the relationship of physical stress and diabetic foot ulceration.

Some of our resources for Force/Pressure Analysis include:


EMED Pressure Platform Novel Inc. for assessment of plantar foot pressure in barefoot condition.  This is especially useful for predicting foot ulcers within individuals with diabetes.

plantar pressure


Pedar X

Pedar Pressure Insole System Novel Inc. for assessment of plantar foot pressure while wearing shoes or other footwear. These can be used to test orthotic and bracing devices. They are also used to assess the stress applied to feet during athletic endeavors.
  Kistler Force Platforms (5 Kistler 9260AA6VP Portable plates that may be placed in multiple configurations within the lab's primary walkway) for quantitative analysis of 3D ground reaction forces generated during gait. This provides data on the ground reactive forces as a patient walks or stands on the plates. It is usually used in conjunction with the computerized video analysis, but can also be used independently to provide data on center of gravity and relative stability of patients.