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Additional resources which enable us to perform our research include: 

BLFBLF Laser Doppler Flow Meter Sensor Transonic Systems Inc  for measuring blood flow

BergmannBergmann Optical Foot Digitizer 3000 for 3D measurement of foot surface.  Uses laser beams to map surface anatomy accurately and reliably. It is generally used for orthotic purposes, but it also has the potential of measuring wound volumes of ulcerations to document the healing of such wounds

IronmanIronman 400r recumbent ergometer


Trotter 685 Treadmill with decline and incline functions

Polar S120 heart rate monitor

Ergo System for surgical cuts

Instron 8511 Servohydraulic dynamic testing system with 5kN load cell that can perform material testing to determine ultimate and fatigue failure loads. Our machine has the ability to perform tensile testing as well.

Planscan customized device utilizing ultrasound to assess weight bearing tissue thickness on plantar aspect of foot

Oxycon Mobile Cardiopulmonary Stress Testing System allows for the metabolic response to physical activity to be assessed in the Human Performance Laboratory as well as clinical and 'real world' environments.

Biodex is a computerized isokinetic dynamometer that can measure muscle strength and identify potentially harmful weaknesses in patients by applying constant resistance. Tests are repeated periodically to monitor how interventions such as physical therapy improve muscle strength.