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Instrumented Treadmill

The lab hosts a C-Mill (Motekforce Link B.V.) treadmill with a 100cm x 300cm walkway and built in force-plate. Using the calibrated force plate and special Cue-fors® software, the complete gait cycle is measured and analyzed. Using a high resolution side projector, clear visual and acoustic cues are presented to patients/participants, researchers and clinicians in order to immediately and effectively start improving the ability to walk. 
The included CueFors software measures feet position and from this it will project target areas as real virtual objects through a projector which is located in a PC-cabinet. These objects can be presented relative to the gait pattern and can also be programmed manually through the software. Additionally a large monitor at the front of the treadmill offers additional virtual reality applications for both walking and standing applications.  
In addition to the C-Mill treadmill system itself, the lab also has a Vicon 6-camera 3D motion analysis system exclusively dedicated to capturing full body kinematics during C-Mill trials.