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House Namesakes

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Each house of the House and Learning Community Program is named after a distinguished alumnus of Chicago Medical School.

Emanuel House

Emanuel House was named in honor of Dr. Fannie Emanuel, Class of 1915.

Prior to her medical career, Dr. Emanuel and her husband William created and oversaw the Emanuel House, a neighborhood stead that offered free health care and provided day care for working families. Dr. Emanuel enrolled in Jenner Medical College in 1908 at age 37, while her young adult children were also pursuing their education. Beginning in 1911, she attended the Chicago Hospital College of Medicine, which eventually became Chicago Medical School. Dr. Emanuel went on to be one of the first female graduates and served as a general practice physician.

Finkel House

Finkel House was named in honor of Dr. Marion Finkel, Class of 1952.

Dr. Finkel joined the Food and Drug Administration as a medical officer in 1963. Her leadership at the FDA would include oversight over metabolic and endocrine drugs, new drug evaluation, and orphan product development. After 22 years and numerous distinctions, which included the Presidential Meritorious Executive Award, Dr. Finkel would go on to work with Berlex Laboratories, now part of Baxter. Dr. Finkel was awarded the Distinguished Alumnus Award for “meritorious achievements in clinical pharmacology…outstanding contributions through activities at the FDA.”

Lipschultz House

Lipschultz House was named in honor of Dr. Herbert Lipschultz, Class of 1948.

A family practice physician, Dr. Lipschultz was chair of the Skokie Board of Health, where he helped to establish one of the first community-based measles vaccination programs. Dr. Lipschultz also served as the president of the CMS Alumni Association. A member of the CMS faculty, Dr. Lipschultz served as an advisor and a member of the admissions committee. He was named a Distinguished Alumnus for “scientific and educational contributions to the field of medicine, and his excellent leadership of the Alumni Association.”

Portes House

Portes House was named in honor of Dr. Caesar Portes, Class of 1928.

An early pioneer of cancer education and screenings, Dr. Portes was the co-founder of the Cancer Prevention Center of Chicago, which opened in 1943. The center’s name was amended in 1962 to the George and Anna Portes Cancer Prevention Center, in honor of Dr. Portes’ brother and sister-in-law. The center provided educational programs and clinical examinations for more than 30,000 patients annually, aimed at preventing the development of cancer.