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LC Signature Programs

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The three LC signature programs were developed to provide medical students with opportunities to apply their newly acquired skills through various events and programs outside of the classroom. Student experiences through the LC signature programs support curricular learning objectives, promote interprofessional networking, facilitate the development of leadership skills, and provide opportunities to engage with and support local communities and community partners. These Signature Programs are MedLEAD, LC CARES, and Student Wellness.


Two students sit across from each other at a table, holding hand-painted coffee mugs

Purpose and Goals

In conjunction with the CMS Mission Statement, LC MedLEAD will address the needs of our medical students to gain the necessary leadership and mentorship skills required to be the type of physician CMS aims to graduate.  

The MedLEAD Program will:

  • Assist students as they transition into medical school and provide them with resources.
  • Match M1 and M2 students based on similar interests and characteristics in order to develop a mentoring relationship.
  • Provide peer support to encourage the development of professional and interpersonal relationships and networks.
  • Empower medical students to create and accomplish meaningful goals with their peer mentors, which will enhance their learning and professional development.
  • Provide opportunities for students to hear different experiences and perspectives on leadership from leaders from all healthcare industries to further develop leadership skills.
  • Promote student participation in professional and leadership development, wellness, academic, and community engagement events.


The MedLEAD Program is a mentorship opportunity that supports all the components of becoming a great leader. Reflection, open dialogues, coaching strategies, and focused learning conversations are some of the key components of the program. Medical students’ leadership and mentorship skills are enlightened through a variety of learning experiences that align with the Physician Competencies Reference Set and the CMS Competencies and Objectives to become effective leaders in their chosen fields. To assist in this process, ACAS leadership sessions, LC meeting topics, and guest speakers will cultivate student ideas and inspire leadership development,


Lauren Hoover, Learning Community Advisor

LC CARES: Community, Advocacy, Resources, Education, and Support

Two medical students wearing white coats speak to a man in a wheelchair

Purpose and Goals

In conjunction with the CMS mission, LC CARES activities will provide medical students the opportunity to enhance their academic experience and further develop their understanding of the social determinants of health through various service-learning initiatives. The LC CARES engagement activity will be planned and implemented by the M1 House Councils and open to all classes in their respective houses. The LCs will accomplish this by:

  • Implementing and supporting an annual House Community Engagement program that aligns with the objectives and expectations of the Principles of Professionalism, Health Care, and Health Equity course (P2H2).
  • Complementing medical education through meaningful service and co-curricular learning experiences that benefit the community by addressing a recognized need and providing health education and resources to community members.
  • Training students to become leaders in community medicine by coordinating and executing impactful health initiatives in local communities and collaborating with community partners.


Kari Brownholland, Learning Community Advisor

LC Student Wellness 

A group of male and female students play volleyball on an outdoor, sand-filled court, with trees and a brick building in the background.

Purpose and Goals

The LC Wellness program aims to reinforce the essential concept of practicing and promoting a healthy lifestyle to CMS medical students. Using RFU’s 9 Dimensions of Wellness, students will be able to understand and integrate wellness practices into their own lives by promoting health, self-care, and healthy coping strategies that will benefit them as physicians as they apply and share their knowledge with patients.

The LC Wellness Program will accomplish this by empowering each house’s LC to annual wellness initiatives by hosting an event or providing a resource in alignment with RFU’s 9 Dimensions of Wellness.


Allison Cassidy, Student Programs Coordinator