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LC Student Leadership

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A crest divided into four sections. In orange: a set of evenly balanced scales with a stethoscope on each side. In yellow: a scalpel, a ribbon, and tweezers. In green: a syringe with a snake wrapped around it. In blue: two hands clasping each other to form the shape of a heart over an EKG line.

Leadership in the Learning Communities

The Learning Communities provides a mechanism for student governance in the House and Learning Community Program. It offers opportunities for students to develop their leadership skills through planning and implementing monthly meetings, educational workshops, peer mentoring, wellness, and social activities for mutual support and engagement. Student Leadership roles in each community include Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer.

LC Executive House Council (EHC)

Starting in the M2 year, the Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Treasurers from each House Council take on additional functions as members of the Executive House Council. At the end of the M2 year, the EHC participates in onboarding the rising M2 House Council to its new EHC executive functions.
  • EHC Chairs are responsible for: E-board meetings, all-House Council leadership retreat planning, House Council Leadership representation at Dean’s Leadership meetings, and Events and Communication leads.
  • EHC Vice Chairs are responsible for: Oversight of the MedLEAD program and Fall Networking Social.
  • EHC Treasurers are responsible for: Budget oversight of the LC Signature Programs and annual events, program data and assessment organization, and Wellness Days Schedule.