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CMS Policies

Medical Student Professionalism

CMS Clinical Site Dress Code Policy

Learner Mistreatment Policy

Medical Student Professionalism Policy

SEPAC Policy

Student Health and Disabilities

Ebola Virus Policy

Student Exposure to Infectious and Environmental Hazards Policy

Curriculum Related Policies

Clerkship Absence Policy

Clerkship Grading Policy

Clerkship Retake/Rescheduled Exam Policy

Clinical Assignment Policy

Clinical Grade Appeal Policy

Clinical Skills Exam Policy

Clinical Supervision Policy

CMS Elective Absence Policy

Emergency Medicine Requirement and Scheduling Policy

Exam Conduct Policy

Formative Feedback Policy

Global Health/International Experience M1/M2 Student Scope of Practice Policy

Global Health/International Experience M4 Student Scope of Practice Policy

CMS Master Grading System Policy

Medical Students Work Hours Policy

Narrative Assessment Policy

Neurology Requirement and Scheduling Policy

Non-Involvement of Student Health Providers in Student Assessment Policy

Off-Site Secure Storage Policy

Pre-Clerkship Absence Policy

Pre-Clerkship Grade Appeal Policy

Pre-Clerkship Protected Time Policy

Sub-Internship Absence Policy

Sub-Internship Grading Policy


CMS Approval of Online and Blended/Hybrid Courses Policy

Comparability of Clinical Education and Assessment Policy

CMS Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Policy

CMS Diversity Policy

CMS Faculty Diversity Policy

CMS Faculty Evaluation Policy

CMS Faculty Professionalism Policy

Learning Environment Review Policy

Mentorship of Junior Faculty Policy

Preparation of Residents and Non-Faculty Instructors in Medical Student Supervision, Teaching, and Assessment

Transfer Student Policy and Process

Visiting Medical Student Policy