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This module is engaging and includes multiple brief video vignettes followed by pulse-check questions. Foundational principles of clinical reasoning are covered and application to teaching strategies is emphasized.

Learner Outcomes

  • Describe theories, concepts, and models that are prominent in the literature related to clinical reasoning
  • Identify and evaluate the ways in which novice learners perform the steps in the clinical reasoning process
  • Utilize new teaching strategies to promote the learner's development of clinical reasoning skills

Component Parts and Time Commitment

Teaching Clinical Reasoning: Making it Visible, Making it Happen
The total instructional time is 60 minutes.

  • Dual Process Theory: The Story of the Kouros - 8 min.
  • Cognitive Continuum Theory: A Blending of Intuitive and Analytical Reasoning - 10 min.
  • Hierarchy of Thinking: Deep vs Superficial Learning - 8 min.
  • A Simulation: Inquiry and Advocacy Teaching Interaction - 7 min.
  • Teaching Strategies - 4 min.
  • Clinical Reasoning Model: A Five-Step Process - 11 min.
  • A Simulation: Teaching Clinical Reasoning One Step at a Time (Part A) - 5 min.
  • A Simulation: Teaching Clinical Reasoning One Step at a Time (Part B) - 4.5 min.
  • Wrap-Up - 7 min.
  • Final Assessment

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