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Common Questions

Who can I contact if I have issues with the modules?
If you have any technical difficulties please contact the Preceptor Enhancement Program (PEP) helpdesk by emailing us at For content specific questions or comments please contact the listed faculty member's module page.

Who can take the Clinical Preceptor Enhancement modules?
The Preceptor Enhancement Program is designed for all healthcare clinicians who train healthcare learners in the clinical practice environment.

When will new modules be available?
Additional modules will be available on a periodic basis. Emails regarding new modules will be sent to all healthcare clinicians on our mailing list as well as those who participate in PEP.

Are the modules free of charge?
Each module provides continuing education credits free of charge for preceptors who are training students affiliated with Rosalind Franklin University.

Preceptors not connected with Rosalind Franklin University may access the modules for continuing education credit at a fee of $30.00 per continuing education credit.

How do I pay for a module if I am not affiliated with Rosalind Franklin University?
You can pay for any module by accessing our payment registration form. Simply complete the registration form and submit your payment via PayPal.

Will my profession provide continuing education credit for taking this module?
Yes. The certificate you receive after completing the module will be for whichever profession you choose from those designated. The number and type of credits have been determined by each profession's requirements and will be recognized on the certificate you receive.

How long will it take me to complete a module?
A typical module that has been pre-approved for 1.0 continuing education credits will take approximately one hour to complete. Individual time requirements for each module are posted with the module.

What if I have to leave the module before I can complete it?
If you are unable to finish a module in one sitting, you can return to the module where you left off for up to 6 months. To retain your place in the module, you must access the module on the same device and with the same internet browser that you used to initially access the module.

I completed the module on my phone where I can't print the certificate. How do I get my certificate?
After completing a module, a continuing education certificate will be emailed to you for future reference and printing.