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2019 Summer Research Projects Examples

Dr. Kristen Ahlschwede

1 position available

An IRB study to evaluate the ease of use (from a patient's perspective) due to the labeling differences between different brands of epinephrine injectable devices. 

Dr. John Buolamwini

1 position available

The project will involve synthesis and/or testing of new molecules as anticancer or anti-Alheimer's disease agents. Compounds will be designed and synthesized and tested ted against anticancer targets such as MDM2 or STAT3, or against the RyR2 ER membrane calcium channel.

Dr. Danielle Candelario and Dr. Ateequr Rahman

1 or 2 positions available

Identify the (1) clinical outcomes and/or (2) social determinants/health disparities of Interprofessional Community Clinic (ICC) patients

Dr. Lisa Michener

1 position available

Attitude Assessment of a Longitudinal Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience. The purpose of this study is to assess the attitudes of students, health-system preceptors, and experiential education program directors from US colleges of pharmacy toward longitudinal advanced pharmacy practice experiences (LAPPEs).

Dr. Suzanne Molino

1 or 2 positions available

This is a quality improvement project related to infectious diseases (Antimicrobial Stewardship).

Dr. Karen O'Mara, CMS

2 positions available to COP students (this is a collaborative, interprofessional project)

We propose to investigate questions regarding the goals of Patient Education and Treatment Compliance.

Dr. Ateequr Rahman

1 position available

College gun violence has been one of our nation’s most forefront issues in recent years. AACP policy statement supports unbiased, systematic public health research on gun violence, including the determinants of gun violence and the actions required to prevent it. This study would explore the attitudes of pharmacy students toward gun violence utilizing a survey instrument.

Dr. Kristy Shanahan

1 position available

Developing a yeast model to study the effects of extranuclear human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) in mitochondria.