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2018 Summer Research Projects Examples

Dr. Kristen Ahlschwede

1 position available

Evaluate the stability of various chitosan based nanoparticles.

Dr. John Buolamwini

2 positions available

The project will involve synthesis and/or testing of new molecules as anticancer or anti-Alzheimer's disease agents. Compounds will be designed and synthesized and tested ted against anticancer targets such as MDM2 or STAT3, or against the RyR2 ER membrane calcium channel.

Dr. Danielle Candelario and Dr. David Harrison

2 positions available

The project will require 2 students to address the statements below. Preferred candidates should have an interest in drug information and internet technology. 

  1. Monitor the completeness and accuracy of Wikipedia for patient drug information
  2. Determine the resource requirements for updating and sustaining Wikipedia for patient drug information

Dr. Kathleen Cunningham

1 position available

Solid organ transplant quality improvement project with my transplant pharmacy team at Northwestern.

Dr. Rahul Deshmukh

1 position available

The Summer research student will be expected to work on multiple projects in the area of social and administrative sciences and basic sciences. Some of the projects include

  1. Developing surveys evaluating the impact of different ways "direct to patient advertising" and healthcare providers interpretation of the same.
  2. Another project will be aimed at survey administration and analyzing the impact of cardiovascular educational intervention and patient perception of cardiovascular disease.
  3. A third project will involve assistance with formulation development and deployment of bioanalytical techniques to analyze drug stability and drug release characteristics.

Dr. Scott Hanes

1 position available

Analyze curricular outcomes and perform curricular mapping and analysis of the patient care process within our curriculum.

Dr. Lisa Michener

1 position available

Attitude Assessment of a Longitudinal Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience. The purpose of this study is to assess the attitudes of students, health-system preceptors, and experiential education program directors from US colleges of pharmacy toward longitudinal advanced pharmacy practice experiences (LAPPEs).

Dr. Suzanne Molino

1 or 2 positions available

This is a quality improvement project related to infectious diseases (Antimicrobial Stewardship).

Dr. Karen O'Mara, Scholl

2 positions available to COP students (this is a collaborative, interprofessional project)

In 2018, we propose to investigate fundamental questions regarding the goals of Patient Education and its assessment, in order to establish best practices. We would like to develop a method for healthcare providers to use to evaluate patient educational materials for content to assure it aligns with patient and provider goals, has identifiable learning outcomes and that these are measurable and capable of effecting change in patient knowledge and/or behavior. We plan to concentrate our attention on chronic disease self-management where patient knowledge and behavioral change are critical to improved patient outcomes.

Dr. Shivaputra Patil

1 or 2 positions available

Research topic 1: Design and synthesis of new chromenopyridines as antifibrotic agents.

Research topic 2: Design and synthesis of new chromenes as broad acting anticancer agents.

Dr. Ateequr Rahman

2 positions available

The aim of our study is to implement Twitter in the classroom and determine the effectiveness of Twitter on students’ performance and engagement. The research question is: “Will the use of Twitter increase student in-class participation and engagement?”. The hypothesis is that incorporating Twitter into classroom, as a question/answer tool during lectures, will boost students’ engagement in the lecture, and overall, positively impact their knowledge of the course material.

Dr. Kristy Shanahan

1 position available

Developing a yeast model containing human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT).