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Didactic Course Waiver or Transfer Credit

The faculty in the Nurse Anesthesia Program will review any requests for course waiver, or transfer of credit from other institutions, on a case-by-case basis. Tuition for the DNP Nurse Anesthesia program is charged at a flat rate for full-time students, and therefore an approved course waiver/transfer credit application will not alter the tuition paid by a full-time student.

Waiver/Transfer Credit:

Only two specific courses (total of 6 QH) within the DNP-Nurse Anesthesia curriculum are eligible for transfer credit (course waiver): a) HNAS 725 Advanced Health Assessment; b) HNAS 912 Leadership, Quality/Safety & Outcomes Management. In order to be eligible for consideration of a waiver for these courses, the following conditions must be met:

  • Students wishing to obtain approval for a course waiver must submit their request after acceptance to the program, and before matriculation; requests can be routed first to the Administrative Director for the Department of Nurse Anesthesia.
  • Transfer credit must be at the graduate level, and completed at a fully accredited institution of higher education.
  • In addition to all other requirements outlined in this section, students seeking transfer credit for HNAS 725 Advanced Health Assessment will be required to successfully demonstrate the ability to perform a Head-to-Toe assessment, and conduct a comprehensive patient history.
  • Students must submit a full syllabus and official transcript for the course(s) they are requesting to transfer. In each course, students must have obtained a final course grade of “B” or higher as verified by the transcript. 
  • The course director (for the course for which transfer credit is being requested) will review all documents to determine if the course is at the graduate level, is comparable in content and rigor to the DNP offering at RFU, and if the student received a grade of no less than “B”.
  • If the course director approves the proposed course(s) for transfer, the forms are then submitted to the Chair of the Doctor of Nursing Practice program for final review and approval.

Course Waiver Form