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Diversity and Inclusion

The mission of the department of nurse anesthesia at Rosalind Franklin University is “to prepare and educate diverse nurse anesthetists to provide high quality care in a competent, equitable, and ethical manner. The department is committed to increasing the diversity of the nurse anesthesia profession through the recruitment of, and support for, diverse students, faculty and staff.

The enrollment of highly qualified candidates from a variety of ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds is a focus of our admission efforts.  Support to ensure the success of all of our students begins at matriculation.  The nurse anesthesia department has developed a mentorship program between students and their more senior classmates, as well as faculty mentors assigned at the start of their first quarter of study. Online and in-person study groups are encouraged and faculty offer virtual office hours to reinforce the content and answer questions. Since inception, our enrollment of diverse students has ranged from 24% in 2015 to 57% of the cohort enrolled in 2021. The most recent enrollment dataCheck out the additional links for more information about programs that support student success and the activities of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee.