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Common Questions

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Is the program structured so that one must begin in the fall and continue in sequence?

We do highly recommend students start in the fall because of the way the course schedule is structured. That being said, we do allow students to start any quarter. Students must take HHPE510 Learning Theories as a prerequisite for other courses in the program. Learning Theories is offered every quarter with the stipulation that there must be 5 or more students enrolled.

How are courses structured/what is the degree of flexibility?

Courses are structured so there is ongoing interaction among participants. There are typically weekly discussions, projects, etc. that are due by a specific date. There is flexibility within the courses because you do not have to be online at a specific time/day of the week as long as you meet the assignment deadline. Discussions are asynchronous so you can respond to others at your convenience.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Students can complete the program in approximately 9 months (typical sequence: 1 course during fall quarter, 2 courses during winter quarter, 1 course and portfolio presentation during spring quarter)

Are there specific times one must be available for interactive content?

Occasionally students may be required to interact with faculty (i.e. portfolio presentation) or with other students for group projects via phone or web conferencing. Dates and times for these synchronous online meetings will be agreed to by faculty and students in advance.

Are there weekly assignments, or is it flexible (within the confines of the quarter)?

There are weekly assignments and they are completed within the confines of each quarter.

I'm interested in more information about the teaching portfolio presentation and requirements.

The teaching portfolio is a culmination of your experiences in the program. During the portfolio you have the opportunity to reflect upon and showcase artifacts you developed that helped you meet the program competencies to program faculty.

Does the program accept transfer credit?

The certificate program does not accept transfer credit.

Are there specific computer or technical requirements? I see reference to the technical standards for admissions, but could not find a document that outlined the expectations.

Review the latest online technical requirements. Please be aware, these may change as technology changes.