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Information about research opportunities can be found on InSite here.

Guidance for Students Interested in Conducting Human Research (PDF)

Summer Research Fellowship Program

The Chicago Medical School supports summer research fellowships for medical students to do research with a faculty member or conduct research through one of our affiliated programs (see below). These research projects usually occur in the summer between a student’s M1 and M2 years. The summer projects are sometimes a carryover from research initiated in the M1 year, and may carry over into the M2 year, but this is not required.

Each fellowship carries a stipend (currently $4,000), with applications available each spring. The Assistant Dean for Research at CMS is available for consultation on research opportunities. More information.

Research Academic Credit

Course number MCUR 618 is a sophomore elective for summer research credit (two credits). It takes place in the summer between the M1 and M2 years. Students identify the research opportunity and spend eight weeks during the summer on the project. There is normally no stipend for this project. The same research may be used by a student for this course credit and for the MDDR program (see below).

Course number MFSH 600 is a sophomore elective for 10 weeks of part-time research during fall, winter, or spring quarters (1-3 credits). This can be new research chosen by the student or a continuation of a previous research project. There is no stipend allowed for this research. 

Course number MNSC 800 is a senior research elective for 2-8 weeks of research activity. Students identify the research opportunity and register for the elective. There is no stipend allowed for this research.

The Assistant Dean for Research at CMS is available for consultation on research opportunities. More information.

MD with Distinction in Research (MDDR) Program

​This program recognizes medical students who conduct substantial research during their tenure at CMS.  The distinction is awarded to those who conduct, present, and formally defend an original research project. ​Research for the MDDR may be either basic or clinical, and consists of either original laboratory experiments or prospective/retrospective clinical studies. The research may encompass time spent in the laboratory in the M1 or M2 years, the summer between M1 and M2, and/or elective clinical clerkship rotations in M3 and M4. The medical student should identify an advisor who is willing to provide guidance, lab space, resources, and financial support for conducting​ and reporting the research.​ For further information about MDDR requirements, please contact Dr. Lise Eliot who directs the program. More information.

MD/PhD Program

The MD/PhD Program at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science exemplifies the university's commitment to training physician-scientists for careers in academic medicine and biomedical research. This program is sponsored by the Chicago Medical School in conjunction with the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

The Dual Degree Program is a fully-funded program designed for selected students who are interested in a career as physician scientists and whose experience and education has placed major emphasis on science.

More information on dual degree programs can be found at SGPS.

Off-Site Affiliated Research Opportunities

Note: These opportunities could be done as part of the above mentioned MDDR, summer research fellowship, or summer research elective programs.

Sinai Urban Health Institute (SUHI) “conducts health disparities research, develops innovative community health interventions, delivers community health worker training and consultation, and provides a broad scope of evaluation services. Currently funded initiatives focus on asthma, breast health, diabetes and violence.” Information can be found on our research opportunities Insite page

Russell Center for Research and Innovation at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital offers summer research opportunities in pediatrics, orthopedics, and several other medical subspecialties. Information can be found on our research opportunities Insite page.