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Research Opportunities for Medical Students

Participation of medical students in research activities while attending school at CMS is strongly encouraged and about a third of our students do become involved in a research experience during their four years. Exposure to research by medical students is strongly recommended by the LCME and is highlighted in Key Strategy III of the CMS Strategic Plan.

Participation can be as little as a few months of part time laboratory experience or as extensive as taking extra time to obtain a PhD degree. A special program allows a medical student who does a moderate amount of research to be awarded a degree with distinction in research.

Both clinical and basic science opportunities are available. The majority of basic science research occurs in the seven basic science divisions of CMS's Department of Foundational Sciences and Humanities, whereas the clinical research is done at affiliate hospitals in the Clinical Sciences Department. Excellent facilities are available and a faculty with national and international reputations in research are available for guidance of laboratory or clinical activities.

Students can earn sophomore elective credit (MCUR618) for volunteer research offsite.

Many students also successfully compete nationally for fellowships/scholarships for off-site medical student research programs.

Students who are interested in applying to the M.D. with Distinction in Research Program should contact the director, Dr. Lise Eliot.