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Resident Life

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In part thanks to our weekly dedicated didactics day, the resident body is tight-knit, both within each class, and overall. Our residents are very mutually supportive, and range from hanging out outside of work, attending each other's life events, to passing on job leads. In terms of living locations, we are generally spread out starting in downtown Chicago, stretching northwards, including clusters at Evanston and Lake Bluff/Waukegan.

The RFUMS main campus is in North Chicago, on Chicago’s North Shore near Lake Michigan. Faculty, residents, students and their families benefit from suburban life, with low crime rates and splendid school systems, while retaining easy access to downtown Chicago via the Chicago Metra Transit system. As one of the great cities in the U.S., Chicago hosts communities of all ethnic groups, sophisticated shopping and dining, museums, parks, architectural landmarks, entertainment, college and professional sports, hotels, convention centers and other university campuses.

Amenities-wise, we have a brand-new gym and an extensive computer lab, both accessible 24 hours a day within the University.

Moonlighting: opportunities for paid on-call and unit rounds are available in several facilities both close to the University and downtown, and many actively seek out our residents for their known quality of work. Clinical activities outside the program are monitored to ensure that they do not interfere with education and core patient care.