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All transnational global health academic activities are currently suspended in accordance with RFUMS COVID-19 related international travel restrictions. Updates will be forthcoming. Students interested in virtual Global Health offerings through CFHI and FIMRC may contact Dr. Carl Lawson, RFUMS Director of Interprofessional Global Health for additional information.

The goal of CMS Global Health is to coordinate opportunities for students to serve communities in low- and middle-income countries while learning to identify and remedy health disparities. Global Health educates students about meeting the health needs of the poor in underserved communities with compassion, integrity, high ethical standards, and a high level of competence. We believe the benefits of learning in and about other parts of the world are invaluable. We also believe that honing students’ cross-cultural communication and problem-solving skills will help to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes in the United States.

We have established partnership sites in Austria, China, Lithuania, Mexico, Israel, and Uganda, and our partner organization with Child Family Health International (CFHI) offers students a variety of global health learning experiences at 35+ sites in 10 countries.

Contact Information:

Please direct any questions about Global Health opportunities to Dr. Carl Lawson.

Carl Lawson, PhD, MPH, MA

Carl Lawson, PhD, MPH, MA

RFU Director of Interprofessional Global Health