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Diversity Advisory Council (DAC)

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The charge of the Chicago Medical School (CMS) Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) is to monitor the diversity initiatives for specific outcomes and ensure that these initiatives are consistent with CMS’ strategic plan.

In May 2019, the dean of the medical school established the CMS Diversity Advisory Council to prioritize recruitment, development, retention, and advancement activities of diverse individuals, especially those whose communities are under-represented in medicine (Black or African American, Latina/o/x or Hispanic, and Native American or Indigenous). The DAC strongly encourages the implementation of diverse and inclusive practices to improve cultural humility, communication, teamwork, the ability to address healthcare inequities and health disparities, and problem-solving capabilities of research and clinical teams, all critical components of our medical education. The DAC is led by the CMS Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, head of the Office of Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion (OEDI).

The members of the council are as follows:

Carl Lawson

Carl Lawson, PhD, MPH, MA

Interim CMS Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion; RFUMS Director of Interprofessional Global Health; Director of Learning Environment Diversity; Diversity Advisory Council Co-Chair

Héctor Rasgado-Flores

Héctor Rasgado‑Flores, PhD

Diversity Advisory Council Co-Chair

Nutan Vaidya

Nutan Vaidya, MD

CMS Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and Equity (Ex Officio)

Heather Kind-Keppel

Heather Kind‑Keppel, EdD

RFUMS Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Judy Potashkin

Judy Potashkin, PhD

CMS Assistant Dean for Faculty Appointments and Recognition

Edward Rotchford

Edward Rotchford, MNM

CMS Director of Accreditation

Michael Ellison

Michael Ellison, EdD

Associate Dean for Admissions

Kate Nelson

Kate Nelson

RFUMS Human Resources Hiring Coordinator

Jamal Turner

Jamal Turner, MSA, MJ

Coordinator, Diversity

Deborah Smart

Deborah Smart, MD

Public Physician Representative

Devondre Juzang

Devondre Juzang, CMS '24

Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Representative

Juan Medina-Echeverria

Juan Medina‑Echeverria, CMS '25

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) Representative