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X-Ray Safety

The primary objective of the Analytical X-ray Devices Safety Program is to keep occupational exposures to ionizing radiation at levels that are ALow AReasonably Achievable (ALARA) while utilizing these types of equipment. At RFUMS, the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) oversees the radiological safety of the analytical X-ray equipment.


Only authorized users can possess analytical x-ray equipment. The authorized user must consult with the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) prior to obtaining or purchasing analytical x-ray equipment to ensure that the facility is adequate and the equipment meets the state of Illinois requirements. The purchaser must also provide to the RSO the information necessary to register the equipment with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA).


The Analytical X-ray Devices Safety Program applies to all supervisors, employees, students, and visiting scientists who work with or near analytical X-ray equipment at RFUMS. No person shall begin using analytical X-ray equipment without first completing the required EHS training. The training course will cover:

  • General properties of ionizing radiation
  • Radiation hazards associated with the use of the equipment
  • Biological effects of ionizing radiation
  • Procedures to minimize exposure
  • Proper operating procedures for the equipment
  • Radiation warning and safety devices
  • Emergency procedures

Contact EHS (X3422) for more information or to be enrolled in the Analytical X-ray Devices Safety Program.


X-ray equipment cannot be transferred or disposed of without the approval of the RSO. Contact EHS (X3422) for additional information and instruction.


RFUMS Analytical X-ray Devices Safety Manual ​