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Radiation Safety

The Radiation Safety section of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for complying with regulations set forth by both the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) for the safe use of radioactive materials at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS).  We accomplish this by providing the following services:


Initial Training is required for all radiation workers and Authorized Users (Principal Investigators).  The course is on line in D2L and is a self- enrollment course followed by a quiz.

Please contact the Radiation Safety Officer ( for more information about initial training.

Refresher Training is required annually for all radiation workers and Principal Investigators.  `This is live training and usually is offered in November.  Lab personnel may pick which session they wish to attend.  It is usually offered on three different dates.

Authorized User Application Screening and Approval

Only full time faculty may apply to become Authorized Users.

Authorized User Application

​​​If radioactivity is to be used in animals, a second application must be filled out in addition to the general Authorized User Application.

Authorized User application – Animals

Procedure for B​ecoming an Authorized Radiation Worker / Change in Worker Status

Procedure for Becoming an Authorized Radiation Worker at Rosalind Franklin University

Change in Radiation Worker Status Form

Ordering Radioactive Materials

All radioactive orders MUST be approved by the Radiation Safety Officer or designee.  This approval process is separate and in addition to the financial (purchase order) aspect of the purchase.

Isotope Order Approval Form​

Receiving and Monitoring Radioactive Materials

The receiving of radioactive materials at Rosalind Franklin University is handled by the RSO or designee ONLY.  The package is delivered to the Authorized User (AU) only after all required monitoring has been performed and recorded. 

Radioactive Waste Pick Up and Disposal

Radioactive waste is picked up on an "as needed" basis.  Phone (ext. 3446) or email ( and leave a message.  See link below for procedures

Radioactive Waste Disposal – Proper Containment and Labeling

Calibration Services

The University contracts with an outside vendor to come to campus annually in early May to calibrate all of the radiation survey meters.  The event is announced in advance and the University pays for this service. If you purchase a new instrument notify the RSO so it can be put on the inventory for this calibration service.

Scintillation Counters are also calibrated annually.  This service is also arranged through an outside vendor by the Environmental Health and Safety Office.  The cost of this service is assumed by the department.

Dosimetry to Monitor Radiation Exposure

The University uses the quarterly exchange system for their dosimetry.  Both body badges and finger badges are offered/provided to individuals who want/require badging. The body badges are the following type:  optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology.  This type of badge monitors x-ray, gamma and beta radiation.

Decommissioning Equipment and Laboratories


The decommissioning of equipment and/or laboratories is done by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). 

Procedure for Decommis​​sioning Radiation Laboratories at RFUMS

Radiation Safety Manuals

Regulations Concerning the Use of Radioactive Material

Instructions to Employees Concerning Radiation Safety