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Psychology Research

Clinical Science, Neuroscience, and Psychopathology Research

  • Exploration of the risk factors for the development of anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and related conditions, with current studies examining these conditions in older adults. (John E. Calamari, PhD)
  • Elucidation of the nature and extent of neurocognitive deficits across psychotic disorders, biomarkers of psychosis, and the unique and shared genetic liability among psychotic disorders. (Scot Hill, PhD)
  • Research focused on personality and emotion and spans emotional phenomena ranging from the normal experiences of emotion to emotional regulation difficulties and anxiety disorders. (Steven Miller, PhD)
  • Exploration of the affective, cognitive, interpersonal, and neural mechanisms that underlie the development of psychopathy and its association with substance abuse and antisocial and violent behaviors. (David Kosson, PhD)
  • Research focus on the identification of biomarkers and cognitive measures that predict increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease. (Michael Seidenberg, PhD)

Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine

  • Research into youth and family adjustment in the context of pediatric chronic illness, with a particular interest in medication adherence and disease self-management. (Rachel Greenley PhD)
  • Research on the relationship between behavior and medicine with a focus on diabetes and subclinical orthostatic hypotension. (Larry Perlmuter, PhD)
  • Understanding the factors that influence physical activity participation and diet among overweight populations, with the goal of designing and testing novel health behavior change interventions. (Kristin Schneider, PhD)
  • Research on the role of stigma-related stress in the development and maintenance of mental and behavioral health problems among sexual and gender minority populations across the lifespan. (Brian A. Feinstein, PhD)