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Study for Adults with Above Knee Amputation

Do you wear an above-knee prosthetic socket? If you are at least 18 years old, this study may be for you!

We are looking for adults 18 years or older with transfemoral limb loss to examine the effectiveness of adjustable prosthetic sockets.

Participants will be asked to

  • Wear 3 different experimental sockets
  • Wear sensors to track movements at home
  • Complete surveys about pain and satisfaction
  • Complete functional tests with each socket in the clinic
  • Total time commitment will be 18 to 24 weeks.

Participants will receive

  • $50 for initial consent and monitor meeting
  • $40 per hour of clinic testing
  • $60 per socket fitting
  • $100 per monitoring period
  • Whichever prosthetic socket you prefer


  • All sessions will be completed at one of the Bionic Prosthetics & Orthotics Locations throughout the Chicagoland and Indiana area

Are you eligible?

  • 18 years or older
  • Have an above-knee amputation of one leg
  • Have worn a prosthesis for at least 2 months

If you’re unsure if you meet the requirements, call or email a member of the study team.

Study Prosthetist: Tony Gutierrez

Principal Investigator: Noah Rosenblatt, PhD
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science