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Stability of Diabetic Patients

Do you have diabetes and reduced feeling in your feet?

  • If so, you may qualify for a study evaluating different specialty footwear used for treating diabetic foot wounds.
  • Participation in the study requires one visit to the Human Performance Laboratory at Rosalind Franklin University.
  • After completing a screening process, volunteers that are found to be eligible to participate will complete a set of standing and walking tests while wearing varied footwear. The tests are designed to determine how the varied footwear options impact users’ stability.

Individuals that complete the study will receive $50 compensation for their travel and time.

To find out more please contact:
Jacque Ortiz, CCRP

Center for Lower Extremity Ambulatory Research
Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
3333 Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL 60064

Protocol # SCPM17-022
“Evaluation of Offloading Footwear Options’ Impact upon User Stability”
Principal Investigator: Ryan Crews, MS, CCRP
RFU IRB Phone: 847-578-8713