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Common Questions

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Check below for the answers to the most frequently asked ASRC questions. If you have a question not answered on this page, please contact or the SGPS Dean's Office at 847.578.8493.

Deadline, Participant Eligibility, and Registration

Research Eligibility

Entry Preparation

Judging and Awards

Event Day

Deadline, Eligibility, and Registration

What is this year's abstract submission deadline?
The ASRC 2024 submission deadline is Midnight CST January 28, 2024​.

What if I can't be present on campus the day of the ASRC?
Unfortunately, we can only accept abstracts if the presenting author will be present to speak for their work at the ASRC on March 20, 2024. We will be unable to display posters whose authors are not present.

Who can participate in the ASRC?
Students in each of the six schools at RFUMS: SGPS, SCPM, CMS, CON, COP and CHP as well as postdoctoral fellows, clinical residents and fellows, and summer research interns are invited to participate. All are invited to present posters; however, spaces for symposia presentation talks will be reserved for RFUMS students and post-graduate trainees, only.

Can I submit more than one abstract?
 No. Only one abstract is allowed per registrant. You may not submit multiple abstracts, and the entry for the symposia and poster session must be identical.  If you submit an entry and want to make a change, please contact ASRC or resubmit your registration clearly marked CORRECTION.

Can groups participate in the ASRC?
No, only one student presenter can be listed for each abstract. Other contributing students may attend the poster and the research talks, but only the presenter listed on the registration will be allowed to speak with judges.

When listing authors, the presenting student is the first author and the professor sponsoring the research is listed last. Any other authors are listed in between in order of contributions. Even if multiple students contributed equally, you MUST select only ONE student to represent the poster. 

If the presenter for your group work changes, please contact ASRC immediately. The abstract booklet cannot be changed after it goes to press.

What are the types of presentation formats?
There are two types of presentation formats, Symposium Talk and Poster Presentation.

Symposium Talks will take place as three simultaneous sessions from Noon until 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. There will be three sessions with 6 talks apiece (10 min talk + 5 min for questions).

Posters presentations take place during a two-hour afternoon judging window. Presentations to poster judges should take no more than 10-15 minutes. Please practice presenting your work within this time frame. Participants must be present at their posters during their entire poster session time period, not only during formal judging. 

Can/Must I present a poster if I am giving a talk?
Yes. All participants who are selected to give a scientific talk must also present a poster in order to be eligible for the symposium awards.

When will I know if my Poster presentation abstract and/or request top present a Symposium talk are accepted?
Upon successful registration, which includes abstract submission, you will receive an automated email that your form was received.  All eligible registrants are automatically accepted for presentation at the poster session.

Those registering for the Symposia talks are automatically accepted for the poster session and will be notified whether they have been selected to a scientific talk by early March.

If my abstract is not chosen for the Symposium Talks, can I still present a poster?
Yes. All registrants must present a poster. Those presenting a scientific talk must also present a poster. Those not chosen for a talk will still participate in the poster session. 

Research Eligibility

What kind of research can be presented?
Both clinical and basic science research is acceptable to be presented at the ASRC. You do not have to have positive findings (i.e. that there was a difference between two groups or a drug did have an effect) to present your data. Case studies and literature reviews are also acceptable.

 Does my research have to have been done on the RFUMS campus?
No. Your research may have been conducted elsewhere, as long as you were involved in the project, you can present the data.

Do my results have to be published to be presented?
No. Your results DO NOT have to be published to be presented

What if my project is not complete but is a work in progress?
Both completed research projects AND works in progress are eligible for submission and presentation at the ASRC. Make sure your research mentor has approved the presentation of your work in this conference setting and the listing of your abstract in the abstract book.

Can I present a poster I've presented somewhere else?
Yes!  During on-campus events, you can have your poster printed anywhere. The 2024 event will be held on campus. Participants will also be required to provide a digital poster copy.  A large-format printed poster is required for display during the event.

Entry Preparation

 Where do I get help preparing my project or data?
The primary mentor under whom you have completed your research is the best resource for help when preparing your project. Medardo Jurado in Marketing may be able to help with properly designing the PowerPoint slide that will become your poster. You can also connect with - Statistical Techniques and Training Society (RFU’s student chapter of the American Statistical Association) by email for help with interpreting and presenting your data.

How do I submit an Abstract? All event registrations require submission of an abstract, which will be published in the event directory booklet.  Please visit the Registration Page to see a sample abstract and explicit instructions you can use as a template for your submission.

 How do I prepare an abstract/poster/talk?
 Please refer to the Abstract Preparation Instructions on the Registration Page

What are the poster dimensions and specifications?
The 2024 event will be held on campus. Additional information about poster format will be provided in the near future regarding the digital-format posters.

During years in which the event is held on-campus, each poster participant will be assigned to a 40"x60" foam core board, supplied with pins. While any poster up to the size of the foam core board may be used, participants are encouraged to use the RFUMS-branded templates that can be found on the Marketing and Brand Management InSite page (See their Quick Links on the right-hand side, under "Scientific Posters).  Please note that if you are ordering your poster from the RFUMS printing service listed above, you must use the 48" x 36" template. Posters ordered from external vendors can be larger than this, but must not be larger than the 40"x60" foam core board.

Where can I get a large glossy poster printed?
The RFUMS Marketing and Brand Management Department can produce large-format posters on photo paper. Be sure to use one of the brand-standard templates available on their InSite page. Please create and submit your poster using the guidelines found on the Registration Page.

Judging and Awards

What are the awards, and who is eligible to win them?
Students in each of the six schools at RFUMS (CHP, CMS, CON, COP, SCPM, and SGPS), postgraduate trainees, and undergraduate research interns are eligible to win poster awards.  These same categories of trainee are also eligible to win awards for their symposia presentations, with the exception of undergraduate research interns who are not eligible to present during the symposia.  RFUMS non-trainee staff members may register to present their research in the poster session, but they will not be eligible for awards. 

Awards in the following categories will be presented:*

  1. Best Student Scientific Talk ($200) - The student from each college/school who received the highest scientific talk score for his/her respective college receives a monetary award from GSA.
  2. Best Post-Graduate Trainee Scientific Talk ($200)- The post-graduate trainee with the highest scientific talk score receives a monetary award from GSA.
  3. Best Student Poster Presentation ($100) - The student from each college/school with the highest poster score for the respective college receives a monetary award from GSA.
  4. Best Post-Graduate Trainee Poster Presentation ($100) - The post-graduate trainee with the highest poster score receives a monetary award from GSA.
  5. Best Undergraduate Poster  - This certificate is awarded to the undergraduate trainee with the highest poster score. There is no monetary award for this achievement.

*An individual participant may not receive both a poster and scientific talk award.

What are the judging criteria?
Posters and talks are judged on research project content (clarity of objectives and background, communication to the general audience, methodology, quality of project and results, conclusions) and participant presentation (poster/PowerPoint composition, format of delivery, grasp of subject, effectiveness of presentation, originality and significance, and time management for talks). Refer to the Judges Page for more information.

How many judges will visit my poster?
Posters will be randomly assigned to one faculty judge due to limited number of available judges.

 How can I volunteer to judge posters and talks?
 Faculty who wish to judge posters and talks may email the ASRC Co-Chairs at Please refer to the Judges Page for more information.

Event Day

How should I dress for the event? Business or business casual attire is recommended.  Presenters will be standing for long periods, so comfortable, low heeled shoes are recommended.

Where will my poster be located?  Poster sessions will be held in rooms RWCLC 2.050, 2.060 and 2.044. Poster times and numbers will be assigned one week in advance. Locations will be assigned at check in. Please note that the location and timing of posters is non-negotiable.

Will lunch be provided for participants?
 Lunch will be provided only for the registered poster presenter, judges, and event volunteers. There will be a 30-minute break immediately following the Keynote Address for lunch.

 Will I be provided an Abstract Book?
An electronic copy will be provided via email the week of the event, together with a Schedule of Events. ​​

Have additional questions? Contact or the SGPS Dean's Office at 847.578.8493.