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SGPS Self-Assessment and Outcomes

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies conducts surveys of its alumni and graduating students as well as internal reviews of its processes and outcomes to provide valuable self-assessment data for continuing improvement of our programs.

A recent alumni survey focused on all aspects of graduate student education, training, preparation for career advancement, and career outcomes, including the specific topics of:

  1. Curriculum and Education
  2. Research Support
  3. Computing and Technology
  4. Mentorship
  5. Career Development
  6. Interprofessionalism
  7. Intellectual Climate
  8. Professional Climate
  9. Social Climate
  10. Personal-Professional Interface
  11. Financial Support
  12. Promotion of SGPS Values

We sincerely thank all of our alumni who completed the Alumni Survey. Your responses will help us to set new priorities to enhance the graduate school experience and improve training and career outcomes.

We will periodically update this page with upcoming and recent events as well as assessments of our programs and progress.

Please view SGPS data on Quality of Education and Faculty, Time to PhD Completion, and Long Term Career Outcomes.