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DeWitt C. Baldwin Institute for Interprofessional Education

In an effort to support the GPF Foundation's (GPFF) mission and goals, Dr. James Carlson, RFU faculty member and Vice President for Interprofessional Education and Simulation, shares his experience in working with GPFF to develop a digital learning tool; one that can help medical staff spot rare reactions to recreational drugs. Watch Dr. Carlson's full WGN-TV news coverage below.

Since its inception in 2013, The DeWitt C. Baldwin Institute for Interprofessional Education was established at RFU to support and further develop the university’s dedication to interprofessional, team-based, patient-centered care. The Institute serves as a hub of learning, practice and research in interprofessionalism, coordinating and continually improving this crucial element of the university’s mission and vision. 

The Institute serves two primary roles: 

  1. To advance the university’s focus on the quadruple aim of healthcare and the quadruple aim of higher education through optimal team practice and interprofessionalism.
  2. To support, advance, and sustain innovative academic resources and curriculum essential to Interprofessional education and practice at Rosalind Franklin University

The Institute is organized around three centers of excellence designed to achieve these goals.

The Center for Interprofessional Education and Research delivers and supports academic programming and research involving team based patient care and collaborative practice.

The Center for Advanced Simulation in Healthcare provides simulation-based learning activities to help learners master their clinical skills preparing them to provide safe and effective patient care within the healthcare team.

The Center for Clinical Anatomy supports the foundational human anatomy curriculum and furthers teaching and learning related to advanced anatomic topics such as clinical imaging and procedure skills within an interprofessional framework.