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Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is a list of important dates such as the term start and end dates, University holidays, Financial Services deadlines, registration deadlines, and important institutional events for students, faculty, and staff.  Given the content of the academic calendar, the publication of the Academic Calendar is done in three phases based on the type of dates.  

  • Phase 1: Quarter Start and End Dates/University Holidays
    •  All quarter start and end dates/university holidays are published three years in advance.  
  •  Phase 2: Financial Services Dates/ Registration Deadlines
    •  Both the financial services dates and registration deadlines are published two years in advance.
  •  Phase 3: Institutional and Event Planning Dates
    •  Institutional events such as New Student Orientation, Awards Day/Commencement Ceremony, and All School Research Consortium are published at the time of that year’s catalog publication.  

Please view the appropriate Academic Calendar below.

2021 - 2022 Academic Calendar

Past Academic Calendars

2020 - 2021 Academic Calendar

2019 - 2020 Academic Calendar

2018 - 2019 Academic Calendar

2017 - 2018 Academic Calendar

2016 - 2017 Academic Calendar

2015 - 2016 Academic Calendar

2014 - 2015 Academic Calendar

2013 - 2014 Academic Calendar

2012 - 2013 Academic Calendar

2011 - 2012 Academic Calendar