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Learning Modules: Content Description

I believe participating in this program has prepared me for college, what financial choices to make, and what to somewhat expect from the career I'm choosing.” - Nursing INSPIRE 2023 high school participant

The eight-week summer program meets Monday through Thursday.

Lifestyle Health Factors and Chronic Illness - (8 hours)

You will be introduced to lifestyle factors such as exercise, good nutrition, sleep, and positive mental health, that promote and prevent chronic disease. You will also discuss the link between social, cultural, and lifestyle factors that impact health.

Writing Skills Workshops (6 hours)

You will develop your writing skills with a faculty expert and create a resume and a first draft of your college application essay.

Study Skills Workshops (6 hours)

You will learn how to manage your time efficiently, maximize your study strategies, and develop skills unique to learning scientific content. These skills are applied in real time to the CNA content and support successful preparation for the CNA certification exam. You will also carry these skills into your future coursework.

Financial Literacy (8 hours)

You will document and evaluate your spending habits and learn the process of creating a budget. You will learn different tools and strategies to help you save, invest, and avoid debt.

Financial Aid for College (4 hours)

You and your parents will identify the pros and cons of different types of financial aid and learn what constitutes healthy student loan debt so as to create a financial plan for college that works for your family. This course will be presented in both English and Spanish.

Field Trips with Career Exploration Debriefs (9 hours)

You will take field trips to places where nurses lead healthcare and interact with nurse leaders and bedside nurses. You will experience simulation as if you were providing care to patients. You will learn from guest speakers and understand the wide variety of careers you could realize with a degree in nursing. You will also tour Lake Forest College and discover how you can continue on the Nursing Education to Workforce Pathway.

Weekly Mentoring Debriefs/Workshops (12 hours)

You will be paired with current students in the Master's Entry into Nursing Practice program. Designated time will be allotted so that you may gain insight, support, tutoring, and encouragement from your mentors. Three nursing faculty will also work with you to encourage self-reflection regarding the content delivered.

*CNA Training Disclaimer: Not all qualified applicants will be eligible to have their College of Lake County (CLC) tuition covered by Lake County Workforce Development (LCWD).

It has definitely helped me gain more knowledge regarding nursing and has made me take it into deep consideration when deciding what healthcare career I want to commit to and pursue.” - Nursing INSPIRE 2023 high school participant)