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Application Requirements

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Significant studies in areas such as psychology, sociology, criminal justice, etc., are recommended.

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education is required prior to matriculation into the program. Pass/Fail grades are acceptable in general and for required courses.

Standardized Tests

For applicants pursuing the research concentration, the GRE General Test is recommended but not required and the Advanced Psychology GRE is optional.

For applicants pursuing the clinical concentration, the GRE General Test is optional.

GRE scores must be sent directly to Rosalind Franklin University (Institution Code: 1117) from Educational Testing Service (ETS).


The GRE General Test is no longer required for our program. For those who choose to submit GRE scores, please note that it will not be used during the application review.

Letters of Recommendation

One letter of recommendation is required, two are preferred, from professionals and/or academicians who know you well (i.e. academic advisors, professors, or supervisors at a workplace).


Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for initial application, with expectation that official transcripts be provided prior to final admission.

Computer Competency

Basic knowledge is required.

Background Check

All accepted students must pass a background check before matriculation.

Tips for Putting Together a Strong Application

A number of helpful resources exist with suggestions for putting together a strong application. We encourage you to access the following resources while preparing your application: