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The Office of Faculty Affairs and Equity at the Chicago Medical School is excited to share our podcast! CMS Faculty Development Talks is hosted by Leslie Zun, MD, Director of Clinical Faculty Development. Join Dr. Zun as he discusses topics and issues related to learning and teaching in medical education with colleagues and experts across a range of disciplines.

CMS FD Talks is available by listening to any episode in your browser from this webpage (click on the Audio links below).

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Episode 17: Get Ready for, "Moving On: Addressing the COVID-19 Impact on Women in Academic Medicine"

Susan M. Pollart, MD, MS — Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development, University of Virginia School of Medicine — talks with Dr. Zun about the leadership seminar presentation she will give for CMS Faculty Development on Wednesday, February 2, 2022, at 12:00PM CT. She introduces the topics to be explored, including the inequities that women faced prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, discuss the pandemic-associated expansion of inequities, and consider processes and programs to address inequities and re-energize and re-focus the careers of women.

January 2022 Audio

Episode 16: Role of the Resident in Educating Medical Students

Dr. Zun talks with Michael Zdon, MD, Professor, Discipline Chair, & Education Director for Surgery; Associate Dean for GME and CME; and Designated Institutional Official (DIO). They discuss the relationship between residents and students and best practices for teaching in the clinical setting.

June 2021 Audio

Episode 15: Caring for Hispanic Patients with Cultural Humility

Claudia Lora, MD, — Nephrologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at UIC — shares her thoughts on caring for Hispanic patients and the important role that cultural humility plays.

May 2021 Audio

Episode 14: Meeting the Health Needs of Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Hope Ferdowsian, MD, MPH, FACP, FACPM — President & CEO of Phoenix Zones Initiative, and Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at University of New Mexico School of Medicine — discusses her work and how anyone can support refugees and asylum seekers.

April 2021 Audio

Episode 13: A Conversation with the Dean

Dr. Zun talks with Archana Chatterjee, MD, PhD, as we approach her one year anniversary as the Dean of Chicago Medical School. They discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and Dr. Chatterjee's insights into the vaccines, her visions for the future of CMS, and some changes to CMS we can expect to see very soon.

March 2021 Audio

Episode 12: Insights from the RFUMS President

Dr. Zun sits down with the President and CEO of RFUMS, Wendy Rheault, PT, PhD, FASAHP, FNAP, DipACLM, to talk about the challenges of 2020 and her vision for RFU's future.

December 2020 Audio

Episode 11: Learning & Teaching

Moreen K. Travis Carvan, EdD, Sr. Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, shares her insights on teaching and learning. (Since recording this episode, Dr. Carvan has been appointed to serve as Interim VP for Academic and Faculty Affairs).

November 2020 Audio

Episode 10: Cultural Considerations for Health Care Treatment of Latinos

Héctor Rasgado-Flores, PhD, CMS Professor and Director of Diversity, Outreach and Success, discusses cultural issues that a health provider should consider when treating a Latino patient. It will also shed light on two types of situations and how they are analyzed. First, when a white physician treats a Latino patient in the U.S. Second, when a white physician treats a Latino patient in a Latin American country.

October 2020 Audio

Episode 9: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identities, Implicit Bias and Medical School Curriculum

Carey Roth Bayer, EdD, MEd, BSN, RN, CSE — a professor in the Departments of Community Health and Preventive Medicine and of Medical Education at Morehouse School of Medicine — talks with Dr. Zun about the grand round presentation she will give for ALE Faculty Development on Wednesday, October 14th, at 12:00PM CT. She introduces the topics to be explored, including framing LGBTQ+ language, creating inclusive and supportive environments for students, and seamlessly weaving conversations around gender identity, sexual orientation, and implicit bias into the medical curriculum.

September 2020 Audio

Episode 8: How to Teach Students in a Busy Practice

Dr. Zun interviews Dr. Stu Goldman, Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, on the challenges and benefits of taking on medical students in his practice, and how you can do it, too.

August 2020 Audio

Episode 7: New Curriculum

Dr. Jeanette Morrison, Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Education, provides an overview of the new medical degree curriculum implemented in 2018-19.

December 2019 Audio
Episode 6: Faculty Appointments and Promotions

Dr. Zun talks with Dr. Judy Potashkin, Director of Faculty Affairs, about  Faculty Appointments and Promotions.

November 2019 Audio

Episode 5: Diversity

Dr. Zun speaks with Dr. Mildred Olivier, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Learning Environment, who provides an introduction to diversity, its challenges, and how today’s medical schools must prepare new physicians to meet the future needs of our patients and communities.

October 2019 Audio
Episode 4: Effective Questioning

The way questions are posed may affect how a student learns. This episode reviews different types of questions, how questioning is related to effective learning, and how to differentiate between lower and higher order of questions, with returning guest, Dr. Vaidya.

August 2019 Audio
Episode 3: Teaching on the Go

Why do some faculty teach while others do not? Dr. Vaidya returns to talk about time-efficient teaching techniques busy clinicians can use.

June 2019 Audio
Episode 2: Dealing with Difficult People

In this episode, Dr. Vaidya interviews Dr. Zun about how to deal with difficult people in the clinical and personal settings. They discuss understanding our “hot buttons” and review techniques to prevent personal violence.

April 2019 Audio
Episode 1: Teaching with Learning in Mind

Dr. Zun talks with Dr. Nutan Vaidya, Associate Dean for Academic Learning Environment about the importance of  understanding how adults learn. This episode introduces the learning process, reviews the strategies to enhance retention, and reinforces the principles of learning.

February 2019 Audio