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Common questions about CMS faculty appointments and promotions

Who needs a faculty appointment?

All individuals who teach and/or assess CMS students.

How is the faculty rank chosen for new appointments?

Determination of faculty rank is made by the executive department or discipline chair.

Clinical faculty who commit to approximately 10 hrs of teaching per year are usually appointed as instructors.

Clinical faculty who are board-certified and have a superior record of training and show promise for playing an exemplary role in academic health care may be appointed as Assistant Professors. Our education directors at our clinical sites are an example of individuals who fit these criteria. 

Individuals who have previously held a faculty position at another university will often be considered for appointment at the same rank or higher as the one they previously held if they meet our criteria.

If an individual has a faculty position at another school do they need an appointment as a faculty member at CMS if they teach our students?

Yes. Individuals who hold appointments at other schools are usually appointed as lecturers, unless they choose to give up their higher rank at the school where they currently hold an appointment.  In cases in which the individual relinquishes their current appointment, the faculty candidate may be considered for an appointment at a higher rank if they meet our criteria. 

How long does the appointment process take?

Usually it takes between 3-6 months after the CMS Faculty Affairs office receives all the letters of support.

Why does it take so long?

After the appointment package is complete, it is forwarded to the Faculty Appointment, Promotion & Tenure (FAPT) Committee, which usually meets on a monthly basis.  The decision of the FAPT Committee is forwarded to the Dean.  Approved packages are then reviewed by the Faculty Executive Council (FEC).  Approved appointment packages are forwarded by the Dean to the RFUMS Vice President of Faculty Affairs who brings the packages to the Board of Trustees for review and approval.  The Board of Trustees meets 4 times per year.  Individuals seeking tenure have their packages reviewed by the University Credentials & Tenure Committee before going to the RFUMS Vice President of Faculty Affairs and Board of Trustees.