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Strategic Plan 2024-2027

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  Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion   Community Partnerships
  Interprofessionalism   Brand/Image/Reputation
  Research & Scientific Discovery    

Educational & Transitional Experiences
  Implement a process focused upon increasing learner participation in service-learning activities that support and care for underserved populations.
  Identify and expand best practices in meaningful interprofessional education across the curriculum.
  Implement a process to assist medical students in identifying external research opportunities in highly competitive specialties at residency and/or fellowship training programs.
  Establish (an) immersive, longitudinal clinical experience(s) in Phase I of the curriculum.
  Enhance the structure and function of the learning communities through increased integrated class participation and faculty/staff involvement.
  Improve recruitment and retention activities to strive for a CMS faculty body reflective of the diversity of our learners and surrounding community. 
  Provide all learners with a module for appropriate conflict resolution in perceived hierarchy-related and/or competitive interprofessional situations.
  Implement a communications plan for prospective and admitted learners focused on CMS research strengths and expectations within a community-based medical school.
  Establish a plan with clinical partners to market CMS as a destination school for local & regional prospective learners.
  Create an ambassador program and tool kit to expand national awareness of the medical school and its community driven mission to prospective learners, faculty, staff, and administration.
Resource Development
  Develop and implement resources that address gaps in non-required DEI education and active learning events.
  Establish an expanded formal process to identify and recognize clinical partners who conduct exceptional interprofessional team-based care.
  Identify opportunities in the university’s research centers to expand CMS resources that support basic science, translational science, and clinical science research opportunities.
  Expand enrichment programs for the purposes of increasing recruitment of local & regional prospective learners and identifying philanthropic opportunities.
  Implement a process focused upon increasing historically marginalized alumni engagement with the school's recruitment and retention activities.