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Eligibility and Applying for Veterans Benefits

You must be admitted to the university and registered for courses in a degree-seeking program in order to be certified for veterans’ and dependent education benefits.

Eligibility for veteran and dependent education benefits is determined by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

All veteran students who wish to receive educational benefits must complete a Veteran’s Administration Benefits Application Form. Use the to apply for VA benefits.

Check Your Benefit Eligibility and Learn How to Apply

Next Steps

Award Letter

All applicants will receive an award letter or Certificate of Eligibility from the VA, (approximately in 8 to 10 weeks) which will give you valuable information such as your remaining entitlement, the current school year dates and your monthly rate of disbursement.

Request for VA Benefits

Please send or email the Certificate of Eligibility and the Request for VA Benefits form to The VA certifying Official will certify a student’s enrollment to the VA for each quarter. You are required to fill out the Request for Veteran's Benefits quarterly. Please allow the VA 6-8 weeks to process your funds.