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Our Approach

Our philosophy is to “begin with the end in mind.” Our goal is to create sustainable, high-value clinical training for our students, and high-value outcomes for our patients and our clinical partners. This is always where we begin.

Our students need access to diverse clinical training experiences that ensure they are prepared to practice in today's rapidly evolving healthcare system. At the same time, our clinical partners need access to a sustainable, high-quality, diverse workforce pipeline, equipped to practice in a forward-thinking healthcare environment.  

RFU’s progressive curriculum and culture ensures that graduates are equipped to practice on interprofessional teams, communicate collaboratively, and assume leadership roles. Our clinical partners welcome the support that RFU can provide to transition healthcare systems to this style of patient-centered, collaborative care.

To meet our mission of improving the health of our nation's people, we are aligning with multiple healthcare systems throughout the U.S. We have the flexibility to create a custom partnership, based on the needs of the health system and its communities. And, because we know that the best healthcare providers often come from the area they eventually serve, we are working to identify potential future students within your community today.

Building Blocks for a Sustainable Partnership

When we refer to this as a partnership, we mean it. We build relationships first, basing them on trust, shared mission, and values.

  • Once a relationship is established, we work together to discover those areas where we can collaborate, where we can help each other meet shared goals in a way that makes the most of each organization’s resources.
  • We work together to identify a set of objectives we will work toward in our partnership.
  • Finally, we create a road map for executing and evaluating our shared objectives.

In what areas do you see yourself partnering with Rosalind Franklin University?