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Labs & classrooms that impress accreditors.

Education is rooted in the mind, but the spaces where teaching and learning take place have a significant impact on the academic process—particularly when it comes to health professions and sciences. 

Accreditors who visit RFU consistently take note of our outstanding academic facilities. Our labs and classrooms don’t just look nice, they’re geared toward helping our students learn and ultimately be successful in their fields. 

Each space has been set up to support the variety of academic approaches our students encounter, from simulation-based learning and practice to problem-based, case-based, and collaboration-based projects.  

  • Our network of six simulation labs creates a Virtual Health System on campus, giving Interprofessional teams of students opportunities to practice over 10,000 simulations each year. Simulation labs improve the quality of care and reduce clinical error when our graduates enter their careers.
  • The Gross Anatomy Laboratory provides a complete dissection experience. Each dissection station is equipped with a 23-inch high definition monitor and computer providing access to GALEN (Gross Anatomy Laboratory Electronic Network). 
  • The Centennial Learning Center, built in 2013 to mark the University’s 100-year heritage, was designed for Interprofessional, team-based learning opportunities. 
  • Hands-on labs at RFU include out-patient and in-patient, operating room and procedures, pathology, OB-GYN, and a pharmacy skills lab. 

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