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Division of Academic and Faculty Affairs

Who We Are

The Division of Academic and Faculty Affairs is comprised of dedicated professionals who collectively seek to cultivate faculty and student excellence by facilitating accreditation and assessment initiatives and activities, providing access to high quality information resources, developing and managing effective learning spaces in virtual and physical environments, supporting educational innovation and change, measuring the institutional effectiveness of university activities, and supporting faculty success including recruitment, retention, recognition, promotion and scholarly work. The division accomplishes these goals by incorporating the university’s core values of excellence, teamwork, and scholarship into all projects, services, initiatives, and resources.

What We Do

  • Academic Affairs
    • Academic Affairs seeks to provide service and leadership to sustain and enrich a university environment of academic excellence for faculty and students. This office accomplishes this goal by guiding Academic Planning and Innovation Support, Curricular Innovation and Change, Assessment and Accreditation, and Academic Policy and Regulatory Affairs.
    • Learn more about Academic Affairs.
  • Faculty Affairs
    • Faculty Affairs serves our diverse and excellent faculty community through the oversight of awards, recognition, appreciation, recruitment and retention, appointments and promotions, reappointments, evaluations, compensation, governance, and retention of faculty records.
    • Learn more about Faculty Affairs.
  • Nexus for Faculty Success
    • Nexus for Faculty Success is designed to cultivate a supportive, dynamic, and innovative learning community where educators can grow and thrive throughout their professional lifecycle.
    • Learn more about the Nexus for Faculty Success.
  • Online Learning & Instructional Design
    • Online Learning and Instructional Design (OLID) supports teaching and learning by developing an innovative and engaging student-centered learning experience. Dedicated learning experience designers collaborate with educators to create the best possible delivery of content, learning activities, meaningful engagement, and assessment strategies.
    • Learn more about Online Learning & Instructional Design.
  • Institutional Effectiveness & Decision Support
    • Institutional Effectiveness & Decision Support (IEDS) integrates, analyzes, and reports data to support campus information needs, and comply with external reporting requirements. IEDS also provides statistical and methodological advice, conducts advanced analytics, and manages institutional surveys.
    • Learn more about Institutional Effectiveness & Decision Support.
  • Boxer Library and Information Collaboration
    • Boxer Library and Information Collaboration supports education, research, clinical services, and interprofessional collaboration by providing high quality information resources, exemplary service, and an interdisciplinary environment to foster innovation and lifelong learning.
    • Learn more about the Boxer Library and Information Collaboration.