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Institutional Effectiveness and Decision Support

Institutional Effectiveness & Decision Support (IEDS) is a unit within the Academic and Faculty Affairs division. IEDS assumes various roles but, importantly, serves to gather, organize, and make sense of data and information regarding RFUMS, assists in measuring key performance metrics with a degree of objectivity, in impacting institutional growth, stability, and quality.

Contact Information 

Mihir FR Chand, EdD, Associate Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness & Decision Support

What We Do

IEDS coordinates efforts of data capture (e.g., official campus statistics) and maintains institutional reporting compliance. It also provides statistical and methodological advice (e.g., survey development, program evaluation), conducts advanced analytics (e.g., predictive modeling), and manages institutional surveys.

IEDS, by providing data, supports a diverse set of activities designed to enhance administrative decision-making, assists various ad-hoc and strategic data collection and reporting initiatives, and supports institutional planning. In the broadest terms, IEDS seeks a deeper understanding of the institution and its properties and attributes. Fostering critical and systematic thinking around data, IEDS can help measure operational performances to empower decision-makers and enhance institutional effectiveness through accurate and actionable data and analyses.