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Symposium attendees will benefit from interactive workshops designed to foster participation and connection.

Enlisting Male Advocates and Allies

Jonathan Eisen

Jonathan Eisen, PhD
Jonathan Eisen is a Full Professor at the University of California, Davis with appointments in the School of Medicine and the College of Biological Sciences.
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Overcoming Stereotype Threat

Anna Katz

Anna Kaatz, PhD, MPH
Dr. Anna Kaatz is Director of Computational Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Women's Health Research. 
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Sexism in Medicine

Monica Vela

Monica Vela, MD
Dr. Monica Vela is an Associate Professor of Medicine within the Department of General Internal Medicine. 
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High-impact Negotiation Skills

Abbie Wazlawek

Abbie Wazlawek, PhD
Dr. Abbie Wazlawek is a visiting assistant professor and postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Management and Organizations at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. 
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