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Janice H. Urban

Janice H. Urban, PhD

Director, Center for Neurobiology of Stress Resilience and Psychiatric Disorders

  • Janice H. Urban – Center Director
    • Contribution of neural mechanisms in the amygdala involved in the generation of stress resilience and anxiety.
  • Joanna Dabrowska
    • Neuroplasticity of reciprocal neuronal circuit between the hypothalamus and extended amygdala in mediating long-term changes in anxiety and affective behavior following stress exposure.
  • Eugene L. Dimitrov
    • Understanding the interdigitation of stress and pain pathways using a systematic approach to examine the contribution of subsets of GABAergic neurons in the amygdala to the generation of affective disorders.
  • Jeremy Amiel Rosenkranz
    • The role of the amygdala in mediating the influence of emotion on behavior, memory, learning, and psychiatric disorders.