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Common Questions

How many students live on campus?
Student Housing currently accommodates 240 residents in a combination of one and two bedroom apartments. There are three apartment buildings that house 80 residents in each building.

Who receives a Student Housing contract?
Student Housing Contracts are a binding agreement between the student and the university.

  • The Student Housing Wait List will be available from October through the end of February. Students interested in living in Student Housing should join the Wait List as soon as possible.
  • Students on the Wait List will receive priority access to the Student Housing Application on March first. The Student Housing Application will be made available to all students in mid March.
  • Students will be granted contracts based on the availability of apartments and in the order that the Student Housing Applications are received.

Is there an application fee?
There is no application fee. Interested students simply have to complete an application to be considered for on campus housing. However, a completed application for Student Housing does not secure a space for students in on-campus housing. Only when a student returns a Student Housing Contract with the required $500 prepayment and that contract is accepted by the Director of Student Housing will a student be assured a space. Contract acceptance will be indicated in writing, along with a confirmed assignment and move-in information at a later date.

When will I receive my apartment assignment?
Student Housing will distribute assignment information 2-3 weeks before the actual move in date.

When can I move in?
Normally, new residents will be able to move in the week before Orientation. Students will receive specific move in instructions a 2-3 weeks before the actual move in date.

Can I decorate my apartment?
Of course you can, we want you to be comfortable. However, there are limits to what you can do to the apartment. Students cannot make any permanent alterations to their apartment (painting, wallpapering, etc). You are welcome to personalize your apartment by hanging pictures, posters, etc. Please refrain from using nails to hang items on the walls. If you have specific questions regarding decorating your apartment please contact the Office of Student Housing to inquire. Please note the apartments are unfurnished.

Can I bring a pet?
With the exception of fish or guide/assisted living dogs, Student Housing doesn’t allow pets in the apartment buildings at this time.

Do I need certain computer software in order to connect to the university’s network from my apartment?
Student Housing does offer wireless service. You are also able to use the internet ports located in each apartment that connect right into the university system. You don’t need any special software on your individual computer but will need to supply your own Ethernet cord to receive service. If you need additional information regarding the university’s internet policy or offerings, please feel free to visit their webpage for additional information.

Can I smoke in the building?
Student Housing facilities are smoke free. However, there is a smoking shelter behind Building 301.

If I decide to not live in Student Housing and I’ve already submitted my signed Student Housing contract and $500 prepayment-what should I do?
If students wish to cancel their Student Housing contract before actually moving in, you should submit a written notice to the Office of Student Housing. Students will be charged a $250 termination fee and will receive $250 back.

Where can I do laundry?
Washers and dryers are located in every On-Campus apartment and provide free and unlimited use.

I’m not bringing a car to campus, what about the transportation options in the area?
Getting around Lake County isn’t impossible; it just requires some ingenuity and patience on your part. Remember, North Chicago isn’t like the major city of Chicago-with tons of transportation options that run around the clock.

You have a couple of options:

  • Make a nice friend on campus and carpool
  • Call a taxi to get around the area
  • Hop on the Pace Bus. There are a couple of routes around that will take you to your destination (or close to it). You should visit their website at

What should I provide?

Living/Dining Room Furnishings

Sofa and/or Chairs Lamps Tables / Chairs

Bedroom Furnishings

Bed Dresser Desk Lamps Nightstands Linens

Bathroom Items

Towels Shower Curtain Plunger

Kitchen Items

Dishes Garbage Containers Utensils Pots/Pans


All Personal Items Paper Products (Toilet tissue, paper towel, etc.)

What items does the university supply?


Dishwasher Microwave Oven/Range Refrigerator/Freezer Washer & Dryer

All Utilities

Window Treatments

Vertical blinds on all windows

Overhead Lighting

Closets Kitchen Entryway Bathroom