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Programs and Counseling

Our COMPASS Financial Literacy program provides information and resources for all students, whether you just graduated from your undergraduate program and looking to continue your education, or your are continuing your education while trying to support a family. COMPASS can also provide information and resources for parents of RFU students to help their student become financially well. 

One on One Counseling

Financial wellness does not come in a "one size fits all" approach. Everyone has a different situation and COMPASS recognizes that. Our Financial Literacy Counselor, Hannah Hast MS, is here to help students individually in every unique situation. We can discuss a variety of topics such as, credit card debt, financial literacy, debt management, budgeting, and more. Schedule an appointment to request a financial literacy/wellness session by calling 847-578-3217, or emailing Hannah Hast, Financial Literacy Counselor at

Outreach Events and Presentations

COMPASS Financial Literacy, along with Financial Aid participates in and hosts outreach events and presentations throughout the year. Topics include, but are not limited to debt management, budgeting, and financial aid. Please visit the Office of Student Financial Services Engage page to see upcoming events and outreach activities.

COMPASS wants students to have a voice about what presentation and outreach events we host. Students, faculty/staff, and student organizations can complete the COMPASS Program Request Form to request certain presentations, activities, or topics that they want to learn about and COMPASS will reach out to set something up that fits with the audience. 

Outreach Events and Programs

All Student Events and Programs

  • Self-Serve Overview
  • Tax Law Changes
  • Using Online Financial Services Resources
  • Developing a Personal Budget for Graduate School

Program Specific Events and Programs

  • AAMC Money Management for Entering Medical School Students
  • AAMC A Medical Students' Guide to Financial Health - All Things Credit
  • AAMC How to Manage Student Loan During Residency
  • North Star Presentation/Webinar
  • Radden Education Institute Presentation

National Financial Holidays

  • Financial Literacy Month - April
  • Financial Wellness Month - January
  • Financial Aid Awareness Month - February
  • National College Savings Month - September
  • National Scholarship Month - November
  • Credit Education Month - March
  • Identity Theft & Protection Awareness Month - December
  • National Social Security Month - April
  • National Internet Safety Month - June
  • Financial Planning Week - October 7-11, 2019
  • Get Organized Week - October 7-11, 2019
  • Retirement Security Week - October 21-25, 2019
  • America Saves Week - February 24-29, 2020
  • Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week - January 27-31, 2020
  • Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day - January 25, 2020
  • World Statistics Day - November 18, 2019
  • Insurance Awareness Day - June 28th, 2019
  • Smart About Credit Day - October 17, 2019
  • National Savings Day - October 12, 2019